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1st Post

I’m so excited to introduce my new blog. I love to write and I have not been able to for months. Life got in the way.

It’s not that I have a SOCIAL life. Gosh no! I’ve been married for almost seven years, I’m a mom of two boys, I work full time, I have a horrible commute, and I have little free time. That’s why I call it my “UNglamorous” life. I’m just a regular working mom…most of the time. But being a mom doesn’t define me 100%. I have lots of other interests besides motherhood. That’s one of the reasons why I decided to create a blog. I have my own personality, likes and dislikes, and as you will find out, I’m very opinionated. I plan to use this as an outlet for my thoughts and those crazy opinions of mine. So friends, you will no longer have read long status updates on Facebook regarding my political opinions! You can come here and read a post about them. Wanna know what crazy phrase my 4 year-old said? Read it here!

I also plan to post about my other passion, FASHION. I have a dream life that I can make real by writing about it. My head is filled with random fashion knowledge that I rarely get to use, so I hope that by blogging about it, I can make my life a little more glamorous and your life more fashionable.

So comment below or let me know personally what you wish I wrote about…as long as it’s not about sport, I probably have an opinion about it!


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