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Lazy Blogger

As much as I want to write, I have no time. Work has become pretty fast paced. My family life has become super high paced since we added Alex. And my commute seems to get harder and harder. I’m on Twitter constantly and I follow lots of bloggers and mommy bloggers. Most are stay-at-home mommies; others are full timers like me. They all have time to write. What gives?!

First of all, they probably don’t value sleep as much as I do. I love to sleep. If sleep was a tall, dark, sexy man, I would leave my husband for it. I have a PhD in sleeping…I am a sleep master. Most people would say, “I’ll sleep when I die!” I say “I’ll die if I don’t sleep!” I happen to be one of those people that can’t function properly unless I sleep more than six hours a night. I prefer 8-10 hours, but that’s on a weekend. If I truly wanted to be a fully fledged blogger, I would have to give up about 2-3 hours of sleep each night. That’s about 15 hours a week! NO. I don’t want to give up on my prized hobby.

Another thing these awesome bloggers don’t have to deal with is long commutes. I spend about 40 hours a month in traffic. It’s about 50 hours a month in the summer. Yeah. I know. It’s a lot. By the time I get home, I am tired of sitting on my arse, so I want to lie down. But I can’t because there are two people that require my attention and energy…my boys. As much blogging material motherhood provides me, the fact that I am a mother is also an impediment for writing. By the time I put my sons to bed, clean up after them, maybe do some laundry and personal grooming (nails do need to be painted!) It’s 9:30 p.m. and I’m exhausted. I can either climb in bed and try to spend some quality time with my husband, snuggling, or take two sets of stairs to my basement office and try to relax enough to write a post…I prefer the first option, and so does my husband.

Then again, reading the above sentences just made me realize that there IS time in my day for blogging. They all sound like excuses. I think I can fit in some blogging right before snuggles with hubby and after kisses with kids…wish me luck!


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5 weeks

Today my little Alex is 5 weeks old.  I have really enjoyed seeing the way he has grown and changed.  He has gained over 2 pounds since he was born and is really thriving. As a proud mommy, I am gonna brag and list his accomplishments below:

  1. He recognizes voices, especially Daddy’s, J’s, and Papa Freddy’s
  2. He loves tummy time
  3. He turns over when he is doing tummy time
  4. He holds his head up for a loooooong time
  5. He is currently on chapter 15 of “War and Peace”
But the most amazing thing that happened this week is that I managed to capture his smile. Most moms know that the camera must always be charged and ready to go, specially when kids are under the age of 5.  The candid shots are the best ones.
On Monday, right around bedtime, J was standing on his stool, looking at Alex (he’s very much in love with his little brother) and then said “Mommy look! Baby Alex is smiling!” I peeked down his crib and sure enough, he was fast asleep and laughing! So I ran to my room, grabbed the camera and started shooting…out of about 10 or so pictures, I got the one shot I wanted…
Happy 5 weeks my boy! I love you!
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2 weeks old

I can’t believe my son is 2 weeks old already!  It feels like I just brought him home yesterday.  But that’s what happens with children, they grow up so fast.  My eldest is four and 1/2 now, and I still think of him as a baby. He loves to remind me that he’s a “Big Boy” though, especially now that he is a big brother.

Having two children makes me think that our family is complete. We are the perfect nuclear family. Mommy, Daddy, 2 kids, oh, and the dog.  I can see it now, ten years in the future, standing in front of our perfectly manicure lawn, taking our annual family portrait, smiles from ear to ear. My boys will be perfectly well-adjusted kids, who play a variety of sports, are musically talented and well-behaved. Or things can go the completely awry and we end up a hot mess of a family.

That’s one of the scariest things about motherhood. You are responsible for raising a child and molding him into a positive contributing member of society. It can be a bit overwhelming to think of having so much power and so much responsibility over another human’s life. Most mothers go into this journey with a can-do attitude. I go into it with confidence and my fingers crossed. I also own copies of What to Expecting When You Are Expecting, What To Expect The First Year, and What To Expect The Toddler Years.  I haven’t bought any parenting books beyond that. I honestly love children and really enjoy most of the stages they go through, but then I think about my teenage years, and I shudder.  Those were the scariest and craziest years EVER. If my boys end up acting like I did as a teenager, I’m in for a hella of a ride! Well, my mother did say that “one day…you will pay with your own children what you are doing to me…”

So I’m going to shake those scary flashbacks and look down from this keyboard and see my sleeping 2 week-old in his rocker. He is perfect. He is quiet. He is a gift from God. I must enjoy these special, quiet times. Before long, baby Alex is going to be a “Big Boy”, just like his older brother, sitting in the back sear, singing “Sex on Fire”…

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1st Post

I’m so excited to introduce my new blog. I love to write and I have not been able to for months. Life got in the way.

It’s not that I have a SOCIAL life. Gosh no! I’ve been married for almost seven years, I’m a mom of two boys, I work full time, I have a horrible commute, and I have little free time. That’s why I call it my “UNglamorous” life. I’m just a regular working mom…most of the time. But being a mom doesn’t define me 100%. I have lots of other interests besides motherhood. That’s one of the reasons why I decided to create a blog. I have my own personality, likes and dislikes, and as you will find out, I’m very opinionated. I plan to use this as an outlet for my thoughts and those crazy opinions of mine. So friends, you will no longer have read long status updates on Facebook regarding my political opinions! You can come here and read a post about them. Wanna know what crazy phrase my 4 year-old said? Read it here!

I also plan to post about my other passion, FASHION. I have a dream life that I can make real by writing about it. My head is filled with random fashion knowledge that I rarely get to use, so I hope that by blogging about it, I can make my life a little more glamorous and your life more fashionable.

So comment below or let me know personally what you wish I wrote about…as long as it’s not about sport, I probably have an opinion about it!


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